stainless steel sculpture


1. First of all is the scheme design of stainless steel sculpture: this is mainly for the need to design customers, in stainless steel sculpture design to consider its environment, so as to determine its content, form, color, etc., to design a complete set of stainless steel sculpture scheme.

2. Next is the production of small clay sculptures: complex or large-scale stainless steel sculptures need to be made according to the plan of small clay sculptures, such as small manuscripts after the completion of the small scale enlargement, and some stainless steel sculptures need to design the main support, which requires the stainless steel sculptor master to understand the load it can bear, ruler Inch, shape and so on;

3. then turn over the mold: turn the mud draft into hard material mold, usually using plaster mold.

4. Then the forging molding: according to the die forging to create a complete stainless steel sculpture, the sculpture for many times grinding, and then surface treatment;

5. Next is the stainless steel sculpture surface spray paint: stainless steel sculpture itself silver-white color, with gloss, but also according to the needs of different colors on the sculpture;

6. The final step is to install: generally for welding, more solid, that is, the sculpture of its own skeleton and base embedded iron welding, embedded under the iron welded steel bar, according to the size of the sculpture to determine the length of the steel bar and embedded iron size. For the sake of beauty, usually after the installation of the sculpture, the base will be pasted with marble or granite plates.