Material: 304 /316
Size: Diameter 250cm,140cm,120cm,100cm,80cm,60cm etc,any size
Finish:hand polished to mirror finish
Color:Various colors can be produced
The stunning high-gloss stainless steel concave shaped wall piece will draw in the viewer standing in front of the sculpture,
as the viewer becomes a part of the work itself. Every encounter with the sculpture is different as you witness a varying reflection that is neither static nor predictable

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Maoping Concave Mirror Sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

       On a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we “experienced” an untitled concave mirror sculpture by British artist Maoping. We say “experienced,” because it’s not a sculpture that one just looks at; rather, it prompts the viewer to interact with it. “Concave” means curving inward, and this sculpture contains countless little mirrors pieced together, and since they rest in a concave shape, they reflect against each other, creating interesting visuals based on where the viewer is standing. As one moves closer, the reflected image gets bigger, as more of the tiny mirrors are able to。