Temporal Sitter Modern Decorative Man Sculpture

Material:Metal, Bronze/Brass
Application places:House/Villa/Garden/Park/Hotel/Public Place
Specification: It can be customized according to your design.
Color: It can be customized as your requirement.
Delivery Time:Small sculptures in 30 days usually. Huge sculptures will take more time.
Packing Details:Plywood box or Steel frame
Remarks:Every sculpture can be customized in color, size and design.

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Temporal Sitter Modern Decorative Man Sculpture

       Temporal Sitter Modern Decorative Man Sculpture is a modern art sculpture, made of high polished brass, in the style of Neoclassical or Baroque figurative sculptures. This statue looks truly fantastic, this man in the deep thinking condition has a mystery and beauty at the same time. It brings a kind of new feeling, new idea into your space, it will present the new vision of the place, being placed in it. Let yourself get some rest from this busy life and work. Find your pure heart near this calm, enigmatic human, sit down and think again to find the real you.

       Contact us to discuss your future sculpture, we can produce any kind of decorative art, all the details are negotiable. Let’s create art together!

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Shipping & Delivery

      We try our best to do the smallest area and strongest to pack products,in order to save shipping fee for clients.

     &nBspblanket + pearl wool + bubble film + steel shelf /wooden box =perfect packing------our package.