Outdoor Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Mushroom Sculpture

Through the external force, the plate surface is forged,
the corresponding shape is formed, and then the multiple
plates are welded and formed, and then polished and polished
to complete the Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture.



Generally, the models for sculpture creation can be
around 304 and 316. Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture
materials are generally sheet metal and are available in
a variety of thicknesses. The sculpture processing form
of the plate is mainly forging process and welding.

are the world’s leading platform in stainless steel artwork.
We specialise in the fabrication of superior quality stainless steel balls,
spheres, and sculptures, designed by professional artists and sculptors.


Shipping & Delivery

We our best to do the smallest area and strongest to pack products,in order to save shipping fee for clients.
our packing
⊙Standard wooden crate for outer packing;
⊙Wood bar for reinforcing function, to prevent shaking;
⊙Thick plastic or soft foam for inner packing, to avoid scratching;
⊙Shockproof foam to protect sculptures.
perfect packing