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Metal Figure 8 Contemporary Art Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture

 Materials:304 or 316 Stainless steel
Size:3-9 Meters are available
Packing:Outer standard wooden crate,inner in plastic or foam
Arrival time:25-30 days to produce ,15-20 days transport (Many stocks for you to choose)
We can take orders according to photo or drawing from you
We have our own professional QC team to insure the quality. Of course it’s
our pleasure to welcome your QC team to check quality in our factory if necessary

Metal Figure 8 Contemporary Art Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture

   Stainless steel sculptures are popular in modern public art for their aesthetically pleasing surface finishes and flexible production. Compared with other metal sculptures, stainless steel sculptures have unique corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which are more suitable for modern style decoration, including outdoor gardens, squares, shopping malls, hotels and so on.

The common stainless steels are available in 304, 316.
We could choose the most suitable stainless steel material according to your needs.
we can make any shape of sculptures curvature and height could be made
We have focusing on stainless steel sculpture since 2002,we are the best choice of you !

E-mail:[email protected]

     This Contemporary Art Stainless Steel Figure 8 Sculpture For Garden Decor is very special. Its twisting ribbon of stainless steel makes a figure of eight when viewed from one direction but changes radically as the viewer walks around the sculpture. The ribbon is based on a double twist, a mathematical term describing a continuous surface created by twisting a long rectangular strip of stainless steel through 180 and joining the ends; the form neither has an inside nor an outside. The artist has sited the sculpture on a pool of water to emphasise its point of contact with the surface and to set up a continual play of shifting reflections as the shining sculpture reflects in the water and in the surrounding mirrored buildings.



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