we manufacture superior quality stainless steel balls and spheres for professional Designers, Artists and Engineers, globally. Our stainless steel balls/spheres are custom built to your specifications including a large range of sizes, finishes and polish to fit your design needs.

The stunning high-gloss stainless steel concave shaped wall piece will draw in the viewer standing in front of the sculpture, as the viewer becomes a part of the work itself. Every encounter with the sculpture is different as you witness a varying reflection that is neither static nor predictable

We are capable of spinning/Stamping press/Assembling Metal hemispheres to almost any size matching your specification. The material capability is stainless steel,carbon steel,brass and aluminum for our metal hemispheres.


stainless steel animal sculpture, lifelike animal modeling. Our technicians will calculate the specific data for forming steel plates. We can make animal sculptures of any shape.

Exclusive Design of stainless steel water drop sculptures crated by water pressuring. Lifelike a tear drop or raindrop.Our technicals will calculating the specific data for forming steel sheet. we can make any shape of water drop sculptures

are the worlds leading platform in stainless steel artwork. We specialise in the fabrication of superior quality stainless steel balls, spheres, and sculptures, designed by professional artists and sculptors.

ShenZhen MaoPing Sculpture Art Co., Ltd.

      We are professional production of sculpture stainless steel ball enterprise,Custom Urban sculpture | Public art Sculpture – Sculpture Manufacturer, stainless steel Sculpture fabrication foundry, is a collection of science, trade, art in one of the comprehensive  factory.
      Professional manufacturer of stainless steel sculpture, stainless steel sphere diameter from 25mm to 10m. Can produce metal balls of almost any size that meet your specifications。
      The steel plate is deformed and formed by using a mold,Then the two steel hemispheres are welded together and the weld is polished,Finally, the hollow steel ball is mirror polished。


Metal steel ball,Metal hemisphere,Stainless steel sculpture Manufacturer

Sculptures and spheres of any style, material, size and color can be customized according to your needs.


Custom Urban sculpture | Public art Sculpture - Sculpture Manufacturer, stainless steel Sculpture fabrication foundry

Gallery art large polished stainless steel sculpture for outdoor decoration / metal garden statue

Modern Art Titanium Finish Stainless Steel Metal Sculptures For Home Decorative

Modern Decoration Abstract Stainless Steel Indoor Sculpture

Large Painted Finish Modern Outdoor Islamic Sculpture For Sale

Stainless Steel Abstract Sphere Modern Garden Sculpture

Water Feature Stainless Steel Flamingo Outdoor Birds Sculpture

Large Modern Outdoor Stainless Steel Globe Map Sculpture

Outdoor Metal Garden Art Wholesale Sculpture Stainless Steel Abstract

Stainless Steel Hollow Design Abstract Woman Sculpture

Outdoor Stainless Steel Rainbow Kinetic Wind Spinner Sculpture

Hot Sale Modern Outdoor Garden 2 M Diameter Metal Stainless Steel Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Outdoor stainless steel Square sculpture

Professional garden decoration outdoor stainless steel tree sculpture

Abstract Modern Outdoor Stainless Steel MetalSculpture

New design stainless steel sphere sculpture ball sculpture

Metal Sculpture, Indoor Outdoor Art, Large Yard Sculpture Modern Metal Art Abstract Garden Decor – Sea Breeze

Abstract Metal Sculpture, Indoor Outdoor Art, Large Yard Sculpture Modern Metal Art Garden Decor Statue – Silver Perfect Moment

MEMORY Sculpture by Jennifer Asher

Custom modern stainless steel statue art abstract metal outdoor sculpture

Large Metal Abstract Art Sphere Sculpture Stainless Steel

Garden Customized Red Butterfly Stainless Steel Sculpture

Modern Decor Abstract Stainless Steel Metal Art Sculpture

Classic LOVE Sculpture Stainless Steel

High gloss life size horses moulding statue outdoor animal Stainless steel sculptures


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